A 3-D Paint Program

by Jack Schwartz

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This 3-D Paint Program lets you paint in 3D on a computer screen with your mouse. It works pretty much like any other paint program (but without a de-luxe set of features.) It is intended for children who like computer experiments and adults interested in 3-D vision. To use it you need just two things that you might not have. (1) You need a copy of the 'Shockwave' plugin for your browser. You may have this already without knowing it. (To find out, just try running this Paint Program.) If you don't have it, you can get it free from Macromedia or More Macromedia (2) You need a pair of 5 cent red-and green cardboard glasses of the kind you may have used to see a chintzy 3-D movie ('Devil Women of Mars'). You can get these at many novelty stores of the kind that sell plastic spiders, palm buzzers, and rubber Halloween masks.

Once you have these necessaries you can start the program by clicking on: Start the 3-D Paint Program. Look at the browser window that opens up using your 5 cent red-and green glasses. It is in 3-D! It has a paint area inside a large rectangle. Just start painting there with the mouse and you will see that you are painting in 3D! You can erase what you have painted and start over by clicking on the 'Clear' button. You can change the shape and size of the pen you are using by clicking on one of the yellow rectangles. The item marked 'Current' in the extreme upper right of the Paint Program control area shows you what pen you are currently using.

To change to painting at a different depth, just click on one of the six 'depth spots' under the caption 'Depth' (above the yellow boxes.) To erase parts of what you have painted without erasing the whole thing, click on the black box labeled 'Erase'. This will change your pen to an eraser of the same size and shape that you have been using.

Switch the red and green between eyes and you will see that all the depths reverse.

That's all there is. Tell your friends and relatives about this amusing program!